Est. 1957

60 years of dedication and inspiration

Tsimachidis Homedesign was founded in 1957 by Mr. Tsimachidis Seraphim and since then has always been a leader in the handmade furniture and decoration industry. After 60 years of a leading position in the branded and handmade furniture industry, Tsimachidis Homedesign continues to create and prove its long experience, offering its customers the know-how and the top quality that characterizes it.

The breadth of its collection, which is enriched with furniture, fabrics, mattresses, lighting, and decorative household items, comes from well-known and internationally recognized Italian manufacturers and furniture from Tsimachidis Homedesign. New forms, new lines, and always unsurpassed quality that exude uniqueness and luxury.

The specialized staff serves their customers at all levels, from the design and decoration of the interior to impeccable delivery, after-sales service, and technical support by skilled and experienced technicians.

Our showroom provides a huge variety of products as well as parking for customers so that they can be guided in our collections with ease and safety.

The products Tsimachidis Homedesign imports and manufactures are selected with four key criteria that must be met at the same time:

  • Functions and design
  • High-quality materials
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Persistence to detail

For all the above reasons, Tsimachidis Homedesign guarantees that the result will amaze you! Enter the world of Tsimachidis Homedesign, roam the design and elegance, and discover furniture that is more than mere objects for your home. Unique furniture, always of top quality, with Tsimachidis signature.