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Est. 1957

60+ years of dedication and inspiration

The history of Tsimachidis Homedesign

Our story begins in 1957 with the initiative of our founder and inspirer, Mr Tsimachidis Seraphim. Since the beginning, our company has always had the leading role in the field of branded, handcrafted furniture and interior design in the wider area of Thessaloniki. After more than 60 years in the leadership position in this field, Tsimachidis Homedesign continues to create and evidence its long experience while offering to you – its demanding clientele that has supported us from the first moment to this day, the unspoiled expertise and high-end quality which we are widely known for. Our company reached very quickly the top positions according to the public preferences and remains high, thanks to the trust you show us every day.

The furniture collection of Tsimachidis Homedesign

Our expansive collection is enriched with furniture, fabrics, mattresses, light fixtures and decorative objects for houses and offices that come from famous and internationally reknown italian furniture designers and manufacturers as well as from our own furniture manufacturing line. Both in our showroom and on our handy website you’ll come across furniture pieces of unique design for your bedroom, living room, dinning room and kitchen, the hallway and the house entrance. You’ll also find modern office furniture that will inspire you to stylize your working space with comfort and high aesthetic. Last but no least, our collection wouldn’t be complete without our lamps and fixtures, the wall dcoratives, the paintings and the rugs that will add the necessary finishing touches in any space.

Our enduring cooperation with some of the largest furniture brands from abroad, whom we solely represent, results into a great selection of furniture and decoratives, all available in our store. We only cooperate with the best of the best suppliers of assembled furniture as well as material and fabric suppliers in order to ensure the flawless high quality, durability and luxury in every furniture you see in our showroom and online our website. Our goal, to which we remain faithfully committed, is for you to always enjoy new forms, new lines, always in unsurpassed quality that exude luxury and uniqueness every single time you enter the world of Tsimachidis Homedesign.

Our staff

Our highly trained staff will be happy to serve you at all levels, offering, in addition to the necessary informative tour of our collections, a variety of services covering all aspects, such as integrated study and interior decoration for your space. Furthermore, our clients enjoy the well executed furniture delivery, the after sales service and the technical support by long experienced specialists. The human resources of Tsimachidis Homedesign are for us our most valuable ally in our primary goal, which is none other than helping our customers to discover furniture of exceptional quality that suits their need of high aesthetics and will be part of a house that embodies all their desires.

Visit our showroom store today for a shopping experience of a higher level. Here you will find a wide variety of furniture and decorative items while enjoying every minute spent. At the same time, your vehicle will be safely parked at our own parking station so that you continue your tour at our premises carefree. Take your time finding the ideal furniture pieces for you. We are here to ensure that you will enjoy the experience without any worries.


Both the products that Tsimachidis Homedesign imports and manufactures, are being aprooved only if they measure up to the following 4 very important for us criteria. We make sure that these criterias are being applied simultaneously before we present a piece of furniture or decorative item to you:

  • Aesthetics and design
  • High quality of construction
  • Functionality and durability
  • Insistence on details

Strictly following the above rules, Tsimachidis Homedesign can with absolute certainty guarantee that you’ll be amazed by the results. Enter the impressive world of Tsimachidis Homedesign, wonder our tastefull and elegant collections and discover pieces that are more than just house furniture. Unique items of high artistic quality and exceptional design, under the cast-iron guarantee of the name Tsimachidis.

Social Media

Being in contact with you is very important and pleasant for us. We will be glad to hear from you and guide you around our exceptional furniture collections through our company’s social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay updated on daily basis on all the new trends of interior design, colours and materials. Discover all the new arrivals on time and get to know from first hand what’s going on at Tsimachidis Homedesign. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question or inquiry you might have. We are at your disposal, ready at anytime to make your dreams of an elegant house come true.