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The right lighting can transform a room with one click and give it personality and peace. A proper floor lamp can turn an ordinary living room into the most intimate and relaxing corner of the house, a boring dining room into the most welcoming room to enjoy your meal and the indifferent hall in a cozy reception area that you will not miss without taking a look . Each of the floor lamps that you will find in the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki is made for this purpose.

In addition, the branded floor lamps of Tsimachidis Home Design with their amazing design and modern design will worthily adorn the space where they will be placed and will give it an air of elegance. As practical and decorative items, floor lamps are very useful and are an amazing investment if you want to see your home from a new perspective.

Choose a floor lamp from the Tsimachidis Home Design collection for their advanced technology, excellent quality and incomparable elegance. Combine it with a ceiling light from our store for complete lighting at home or at work.