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Furniture or decorative element, the shelves are not missing from any house. We meet them just as often in the living room, in the hall, in the kitchen and in the bedroom, while in the last decade they are part of the decoration even in the bathroom. Their practicality is a given, but like the coat stand, the shelves have moved into the realm of artistic creativity.

A favorite item of designers and decorators, shelves are the definition of “two in one”. By choosing a shelf from the Tsimachidis Home Design collection, you can fill a wall and turn it into a pole of attraction for all eyes, exhibiting on it favorite things such as small decorations, frames and books or leaving it empty. The impressive shelves that you will find in the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki look like modern works of art and can decorate a wall, replacing any painting or decorative mirror.