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With the modern and very practical consoles that you will find in the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki, you will put in order the entrance of your house once and for all. Being the first place you and your guests see when they enter the house, the image of the entrance is decisive. This focal point needs a piece of furniture such as the console, which will help to easily organize and maintain order.

In addition to its contribution to order, the console can, with its appearance, upgrade the space. As the basic furniture for the configuration of the entrance and the hall, the consoles and the reception furniture of Tsimachidis Home Design will transform this corner of your home. The special models that you will find in our collection will loosen your hands, satisfying your aesthetic needs as well as your needs for short storage.

Modern and timeless design, smart and functional design, high aesthetics and quality materials – these are the elements that compose each of our furniture. Our branded consoles will cover your every need. Choose between consoles with a mirror, with space for hangers and shoes, with cabinets, drawers or with stools.