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The living room table is a versatile piece of furniture that covers so many needs, one of the most useful furniture in your living room and just as necessary as the sofas. Whether we are talking about intricate designs with shelves, drawers and storage spaces or classic, simple tables, the need for a small or large table near the sofas is undeniable.

At the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki we have a wide variety of coffee tables made of excellent materials with modern design and at affordable prices. In our collection you will find from minimal tables to complex constructions, all of them impressive and worthy of your expectations. The great asset of our models is the ability to customize the materials based on your wishes. In this way you can transform the coffee table and combine the practical with the aesthetic, creating the furniture that will fit harmoniously into your space.

Classic square, round or irregular coffee tables, with additional side tables or stools, with metal or wooden frame with glaze or in natural shades, with glass or ceramic surface, lacquered details, with drawers and storage spaces, at Tsimachidis you will find a wide variety of them. Discover our original designs and come together to find the coffee table that will transform your living room or will fit perfectly in your workplace.