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One of the most important elements of an elegant interior is the lighting. The correct study and the strategic placement of luminaires in key points will have a flawless aesthetic and practical result in every room. The modern lighting fixtures that you will find in the catalog of Tsimachidis Home Design will offer you the solutions you are looking for. Complete and smart proposals with ceiling, floor and table lamps to highlight your home, your office or your business space.

With the lighting fixtures that you will find in the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki, you will create an environment with character and you will enjoy the harmony and the warm atmosphere that only the right lighting can bring. What could be more irresistible than a cozy living room that invites you to relax, a peaceful bedroom that helps you relax, a smart and elegant desk that inspires you and increases your efficiency?

The wide variety of branded lamps from our collection will inspire you and your choice will reward you, being certainly the best touch of your decoration.