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The bed is the protagonist of the bedroom but its role does not end here. It is the main piece of furniture in a room in which we spend many hours of our lives and specifically the most crucial for our good health and well-being. Sleep and rest affect our whole day and for this reason the choice of bed and the decoration of the bedroom are of great importance.

At Tsimachidis Home Design we believe that a simple bed is never enough. The space and the furniture that surround us have a significant effect on our psychology. For this reason, in addition to being comfortable, they should be beautiful and with personality. In the large collection of the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki you will find many beds that combine the above features with smart design and functionality.

We have a wide range of branded beds designed to last a lifetime. Made of high quality materials, the beds like the rest of the bedroom furniture of our company combine high aesthetics with affordable prices. We place special emphasis on modern and smart design, creating practical beds with easily accessible storage spaces, hidden lighting, built-in luminaires, and impressive headboards, upholstery made of natural fabrics and comfortable pillows that can be removed and washed.

Renew your bedroom with a modern and quality bed from Tsimachidis Home Design. Compose your own bedroom starting with a bed that meets all your needs and reflects your personality. Combine it with bedside tables, drawers and wardrobes from our collection and complete it with carpets and decorations that will bring balance and calm to your place.