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The mattress, along with the bed, is the furniture of the utmost importance, in which it is worth investing to ensure yourself moments of real relaxation. Sleep is a prerequisite for your health and well-being but a few hours in a horizontal position on a random surface is not enough. If you want to increase the quality of your sleep and really benefit from the hours you sleep, you must pay close attention to the mattress you choose.

At Tsimachidis Home Design we give great importance to the issue of sleep and rest. Like all our furniture, the mattresses you will find in our collection are branded and ensure a top sleeping experience. All products in this category are made to the highest standards, combining smart and innovative technologies with a wide range of excellent materials.

In our catalog you will find mattresses that meet different needs. All our products offer comfort and anatomy while taking care of the best ventilation and the perfect balance between intense softness and long lasting support. Thanks to the advanced materials, our mattresses adapt to the curves, providing an excellent level of support throughout the body and a perfect recovery after use.

Discover the mattress that will suit you and create the ideal conditions for a balanced, calm and productive sleep. Combine it with topcoats that enhance the rapid removal of excess heat and moisture and ensure hygiene and a sense of cleanliness.

In our collection you will also find mattresses available in any dimension you wish upon order. All the mattresses in our catalog have excellent durability in time and use and are accompanied by a 5-year or 10-year warranty.

The ultimate sleeping experience is not an elusive dream and does not belong to the realm of the imaginary. Find out for yourself at the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki.