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Living room, the space of the house where we spend or want to spend most of the time. Besides being everyone’s favorite room, is the place where we rest and relax doing our favorite activities. Also, here we spend creative time with our family and friends and welcome our guests. Undoubtedly it is a room that has so many different uses, depending on the occasion. And this makes furnishing a complicated process.

At the Tsimachidis furniture store in Thessaloniki, the process of furnishing the living room is an easy and pleasant process. Here you will find all the furniture and decorations that are necessary for an elegant and functional living room. The branded living room furniture of Tsimachidis Home Design is of exceptional aesthetics, practical and easy to use, ideal to compose a beautiful and harmonious living room with character.

Even if your living room needs a small renovation, the options you will find in our catalog will surprise you and loosen your hands. Choose from comfortable sofas, multifunctional sofas and TV furniture, separate armchairs, impressive coffee tables and useful bookshelves. Many of the living room furniture in our collection give you the opportunity to add a personal touch and customize, based on your needs, dimensions, fabrics and colors.